There are certainly many ways to become self-employed. Be it a complete start-up or the takeover of an existing company. The basis, however, is the entirety of the preliminary considerations, shown in an orderly format  business planning.

We, Eckhold Consultants GmbH, offer you experienced advice, assistance and support with the relevant questions relating to the founding of a company.

Folgende Fragestellungen stehen im Mittelpunkt:

  • What is your personal suitability?
  • How do you turn your idea into a solid business plan?
  • How can the project be financed?
  • How can my idea be profitably marketed?
  • What concepts of controlling and self-management are there and how are they applied?

Sie können auch nach der Gründung auf uns zählen, insbesondere bei den Fragen:

  • How do I make my financial concept sustainable?
  • How do I achieve an optimal organizational structure?
  • Am I serving the right target group?
  • How do I properly exploit my market potential?
  • How do I design my products specifically for the target group?

The business plan should be drawn up in accordance with the GoP (principles of proper planning) and comply with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in order to obtain funding.

Of the  The Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) has developed the „Principles of Proper Planning – GoP“ through its professional associations and had an editorial office create a podcast for the benefit of the GoPs.

Here you can listen to the podcast about „Fundamental corporate planning according to BDU-GoP“.