One may think that a succession process is successfully completed as soon as all necessary documents are signed by all parties involved. However, practice shows that this is by far not the case, as a large number of handovers fail even after the contract has been signed. For this reason, we provide special support in this sensitive area from the second phase of our process through leadership coaching, management development and team development for the transferor and transferee.

As consultants, we serve as a neutral and experienced coach, who facilitates and monitors the implementation of future goals and action plans in everyday practice.

Keeping communication high between the “old owner” and “new owner” is one of our main tasks, so that conflicts are identified and resolved early, before they can even develop into significant problems.

In this phase, the transfer to everyday work processes takes place. The transferor and transferee are faced with the task of putting the partially differing ideas into practice. For the business distribution plan agreed in advance, which divides the company into work areas, in a second step objectives, budgets and acting persons must be determined.

The new roles have to be lived and the employees have to be involved in the implementation.

The intensity and time frame of the coaching depends on the specific need. At the beginning, there is always a kick-off workshop to adapt the process to the individual requirements. The result is a roadmap and action plan with goals, topics and deadlines. The coaching process can consist of individual and group meetings as well as team workshops. The transferor, transferee, responsible employees and the entire team are involved.

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