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The sustainability of successful planning companies can be explained by internal and external success factors. In particular, the qualification of employees, organizational balances, project management, IT equipment, positioning on the market, differentiation from the competition and the service or product and marketing strategy should be mentioned here.

High earning power secures liquidity and thus a company’s room for maneuver. The profitability of a planning office mostly depends on its positioning in the market as well as the efficiency of its internal organization.

We have therefore focused on the strategic market orientation of the planning and service offering and the optimization of planning processes in the operational organization. A strategic concept that is aligned with the company’s processes and is reviewed and adjusted at regular intervals is necessary for strategic alignment in the market.

Together with our clients, we develop an appropriate control and management system and, of course, accompany them during the implementation.

Through our systematic investigation, we specifically scrutinize weak points and, together with our clients, develop concrete packages of measures with subsequent implementation support. Based on our many years of experience in the market segment of planners, architects and engineers, we work together with our clients to develop a control and management system that is individually tailored to the company.

We evaluate the currently used industry software so that weak points can be identified. If optimization is possible, we not only help with the selection (approx. 50 industry standard providers) of the solution, but also accompany the implementation during operation and adapt the optimized workflows to the workflow approach of the software.


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