‘An objective evaluation by an industryspecialist is the basis for a successful company succession!’

In the course of a controlled company succession, the first important step is usually to determine the value of the company objectively and consequently reliable. Since small and medium-sized companies in particular do not have a price established through the market, this issue should be handled by a professional business evaluation.

In a classic handover, an objective evaluation based on the interests of all involved parties should be used as a basis for negotiation to determine a fair market price. Employment should be preserved and purchase price must be affordable.

Banks want to know whether interest and redemption payments can realistically be covered in future. There are various recognized evaluation methods, which always have to be individually selected depending on the specific circumstances. Other reasons for an evalutation can be shareholder conflicts, court appraisals, marital disputes, inheritance and family transfers or simply pure curiosity.

What is the actual value of my company?

Our specialists conduct up to 80 companies evaluations per year. We know how to find the suitable method for the particular evaluation issue. It does not always have to be a detailed appraisal, in some cases a rough evaluation is sufficient. 

In order to evaluate your company roughly, we have developed the remote evaluation tool. This gives you the opportunity to obtain a quick and easy company value, which is derived and explained in a comprehensible short report .

This tool can be used for various purposes. For example, a value indication for employees can be calculated or a value determination for share sales within the shareholders can be prepared.



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