Search for successors

Many companies are stuck in the classic succession dilemma. The entrepreneur is slowly reaching 60 years of age and would like to successively prepare for the next phase of his life, but there is no adequate successor in sight who can continue the company in his interests. Business is going well, the order books are filled and the company is fully occupied with its operating business. The topic of succession is important, however, it simply does not have the necessary priority yet and it is pushed further and further back. In addition, the search for suitable candidates costs time and money – you simply don’t have a clear head for the subject yet. Time passes and the time of the planned retirement of the entrepreneur comes closer. Eventually, the point of no return is reached – after all, the successor still has to be properly integrated into the company.

In the search for a suitable successor or buyer, we support you with our many years of experience and insider knowledge in many industries. Together, we define a specific search recruiting profile and conduct a targeted search for suitable candidates. If necessary, we work discreetly with neutral organizations. Of course, in prior consultation with you.

“Finding a successor for your company is a matter of trust. After all, it’s your life’s work!”

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