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“Franchise – a modern and fast form for sales growth.”

Since 1992 we have been guiding national as well as international franchise and license systems and therefore have a professional experience of well over three decades in this industry.

Our clients are manufacturers, trading companies as well as service and craft companies that want to license or franchise with another sales tool in the future. One of the strengths is the system development and system expansion. You have a franchise idea? Is there a pilot operation or are you are already operating a system abroad? We will develop, adapt and install it on the German market.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary cooperation with tax consultants, auditors and lawyers in our company who also specialize in franchising, we can offer you complete solutions.

Our franchise services:

  • System development
  • Feasibility study/market analysis
  • Succession in franchise
  • Concept design and adaptation to the local market
  • Business planning for future system headquarters
  • Business planning for future franchisees
  • Creation of practicable manuals
  • Guidelines for a practicable franchise agreement
  • The following development and monitoring of a pilot project
  • Franchisee search
  • Franchisee establishment and financing
  • Structure of the business comparison
  • Coaching of franchisees
  • The installation of appropriate control instruments

Furthermore, Mr. Jörg T. Eckhold is a member of the committee “Franchise-Nehmer-Gewinnung” at the German Franchise Association DFV – more information at:

“Licensing – an alternative to franchising.”

Do you want to market a trademark, patent or right of use, but do not want to set up a franchise system? We check the feasibility for you with a market analysis and determine possible locations and number of licensees for you. Through our specialized local partners, we solve all tax and legal issues for you in the shortest possible time, up to the drafting of the license agreement. After successful pre-clarification, licensees are obtained as planned. We support you purposefully and effectively.

Interview with Mr. Jörg T. Eckhold on the subject of
“Franchise – License: The Differences”

Franchise advice

Feasibility study

Franchise conception

Creation manual

Franchise contract

Franchisee search

Going Live

System Build-Up

You want to establish your license/franchise system in Germany, convert your distribution system in Germany to license/franchise or multiply your successful business idea? We accompany you during the system setup in three phases:

1. Pre-check
2. Pilot phase
3. Establishment of the system

In a first step, we analytically work our way into your business model and check which components for building a license/franchise model are already in place, or what the state of your own preparation is. Often the feasibility has to be checked with the help of a market analysis . This can be used to determine the competitive advantages, the structure and the number of possible locations/partners.

After the decision to set up the system, the pilot phase begins. We prepare the business planning of the system headquarters and the future partner companies for our clients in accordance with the principles of proper planning (GoP) of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V. (Federal Association of German Management Consultants). These documents make it visible to all parties involved which services and considerations must be provided. For us, Eckhold Consultants GmbH, the fee structure can be derived from this in order to subsequently be able to create the franchise manuals . If there is no pilot company that can be converted as the first system partner, a pilot project over 1 to 2 years must prove the success of the system.

The rights and obligations between licensor/franchisor and licensee/franchisee are set out in a franchise agreement . With our interdisciplinary partners, lawyers and tax consultants on site, we eliminate all tax and legal stumbling blocks for you in the shortest possible time.

After a successful pilot phase, system partners are recruited according to plan, accompanied in the start-up and thus the system is established step by step.

To enable our client to take care of the growth of the system, we organize its system headquarters for Germany in full at the beginning. This is done in a form that allows it to be functionally transferred back to the licensor/franchisor at a later date.

Interview with Mr. Jörg T. Eckhold on the topic.
“How do foreign companies expand into Germany?”

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Interview with Mr. Jörg T. Eckhold on the topic.
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